About Me 


me 300x300 AboutMy Name I Jeremy Hardy
I am a native of Clarksburg, WV, I Have been creating my own illustrations and artwork for most of my life. While I  do enjoy creating digital illustrations, I am well versed in other mediums. My favorite pieces tend to be those that lean toward science fiction or fantasy, such as a phoenix or dragon. I also use my artwork to express my faith as I understand that my talent is a gift from God.

A constant student, I am an admirer of many artists both local and nationwide and enjoy discussing new techniques with those who are interested. In my spare time, I volunteer at Falling Rivers Gallery  and research different skills and techniques to use in my artwork.

Having a background in graphic design allows me to look at my pieces from different perspectives as they come together. I hope to use my artwork to glorify God, bring enjoyment, provoke thought, and point out that the beauty of this world is not always where or what  we expect it to be.
I currently reside in New London, NC with My wife Kim, who is a music teacher for Stanly County Schools, and Our four-legged child, a Beagle mix named Spanky. 

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